Hypno-Trip is a hypnosis show
Hypno-Trip is a full blown comedy stage hypnosis show presented by Tim Mower, Master Hypnotist.

is educational but most of all it is hilarious!!!Tim will provide the guests a brief lecture on Hypnosis. Guests will learn what hypnosis is, its benefits and dispel the myths surrounding Hypnosis.Tim will conduct a few demonstrations of “mind magic” and the power of suggestion with the entire group and then ask for volunteers to join him on Stage to experience hypnosis first-hand. The volunteers become the real stars of the show!

Hypno-Trip is never the same show twice. Who knows, perhaps some celebrities will show up and perform or maybe we will have a visitor from outer space. The show is only limited by the imagination!!
Highlights: Rigidity of limbs, Instantaneous sleep, age regression, age progression, Hot and cold sensation, hallucinations and post hypnotic suggestions!

is perfect for any group from 10 to 10,000 cruise ships, night clubs, colleges, civic groups, business Clubs, fund raisers and school assemblies.
Hypno-Trip - A Journey of the mind

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