Corporate Events

  • Trade shows, Hospitality Suites, New product launches, Spokes Magician, and more...
  • Increase booth traffic and sales leads
  • Integrate your product into custom scripts/shows
  • Invigorate your hospitality suite for clients and prospects

More than just having fun, corporate events can also serve to promote a particular product, or entertain prospective customers. In these situations, magic plays a large role in relaxing the target group, and in building a "group sense" within the audience. Companies often use Tim's performance as an opportunity to disseminate new information, launch a particular product or tie in the mission, vision and values in a fun and entertaining way.
Custom presentations are written to accommodate your company's needs.

Tim's unique style of comedy magic will ensure that people stay, listen, and when the show is over, remember your product and message.

"We have received many accolades from Ace hardware along with the management and staff at the Philadelphia Marriott hotel. Your participation in this event was key to our success!" (Corporate Event Manager)

"Tim’s performance and program was funny, educational, as well as entertaining. It was enjoyed by all." (Hospitality Manager)

Download a PDF summary of Meeting Magic here.  Get Adobe Reader here.

It's not just magic - it's good business

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